Farming as a Service

Good for you, for your customers and the planet!

A unique customer experience
Imagine your customers having a wow-experience every time they step into your store! With FaaS we make it possible for you and your customers to go green. Become the food location in the buzz and on everyone's mind.
No seaons and adaptable to your needs
Be nondependent on seasons and grow whatever you want, whenever you want! With this possibility you can assure to reap maximum rewards from different commercial seasons and still be affordable for your customers.

The future is here. We provide you the Vertical Farming solution everyone's talking about.

AI-driven service
With a fully closed system, we get a controlled environment ensuring high value on all data collected from the production. The entire growing process is monitored by sensors and cameras and managed by a cloud-based system. Data equals optimization!
Easy to manage
We provide you with everything from the seeds and equipment to digitally monitoring the plants until the produce is ready to harvest and sell. Advanced technology decreases the need of handcraft. You just wait for the greens to be ready to eat!

SUBSCRIBE. Easy to plug and play

All you need is to sign up. We provide you with the service, it doesn't get easier than this!

HARVEST. Ready for your customers

Fresh leafy greens harvested off the shelf every day. Providing premium greens has never been easier.

Our three-step solution to a greener planet

GROW. Digitally monitored and AI-driven

No fuzz! By mimicking nature we recreate the perfect growing conditions all year around.

How it works

Our in-store platforms are fully integrated with our client’s facilities, providing fresh and nutritious greens, produced hyperlocally to the consumers. Based on industrial ecosystem services such as digital monitoring and artificial intelligence, we mimic nature indoors in an optimized way to provide top quality and locally grown leafy greens -- all day, all year. With Swegreen’s unique subscription model called Farming as a Service, any supermarket- or restaurant owner can offer fresh produce to their customers, daily harvested directly off the shelf.

Just sign up for our full operational service
Automated system
With sensors and digital service we are up and running all day, all year
Guarantee of agreed volumes
Supplying a full guarantee of quantity and quality fresh greens
Digitally monitored
Data collected for optimization of growing conditions
Possible to upgrade
Choose what to grow from your own needs and profits
Full service
We provide you with seeds, nutrition, recipes and anything for maintenance

Farming as a Service platforms

Farm in a store

Imagine being your own urban farmer and harvest new greens for your store every day? With vertical farming and hydroponic technology we make it possible for you, as a service. We help you set everything up and all you have to do is wait for the greens to be ready and ready to eat!

Farm in a restaurant

As a chef or a restaurant owner, who would not like to pick their own fresh vegetables directly off the shelf and bring it to the kitchen? A unique way to serve your customers high quality food straight from your own in-house farm.

Farm in a shopping mall

Do you want to make your shopping mall more climate neutral and reduce your carbon footprint? We make it possible. With advanced technology we offer a energy recycling solution and exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, resulting in better air quality and indoor standards.