100% natural

Our kale basil sage mint spinach parsley coriander pak choi are free from chemicals, toxins & pollution


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With our verticals farms you can grow almost any leafy greens or vegetables. Our plant scientists are adding new growing recipes every day.

Pak Choi

We grow our crops vertically saving space

Our Vertical Farming system is built on multi-layer growing structures that enable us to grow plants very space-effective and with small area footprint. Processes are defined in a smart way so that plants could have optimal humidity, irrigation, CO2 for photosynthesis, temperature, ventilation, nutrition and even lighting in perfect settings.

As a matter of fact, we get over 100 times more yield efficiency than traditional outdoor farming. When a farmer sometimes has only one or two harvest a year – in our in-store vertical farms we actually harvest every day!


What some customers had to say

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"I never thought you could grow so tasty vegetables without soil"


"The dill is absolutely amazing, it feels unreal they are grown inside my local supermarket"


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99% less water
By recycling water we save up to 7 million(!) litres per year
CO2 neutral
CO2 in our in-store farms is collected and used for growing
Free from chemcials
We use zero pesticides and herbicides when growing
By growing and harvesting in-store, we are 100% local

Limit your carbon footprint by eating hyperlocal

Growing herbs and leafy greens on site, in a store or restaurant eliminates the need for transportation and its associated use of fossil-based fuels. We also exclude all middle hands in the food supply-chain to give you a more affordable price for a premium alternative. We eliminate all transports down to zero kilometers!

Where to buy?

We are an ever growing company and can soon be found all over the world, meanwhile click below to see where you can find us now!

Frequently asked questions

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Hydroponic is the art of growing plants without soil in controlled-environment agricultural systems. The seeds pre-grow in germination chambers and nurseries on a small cube made of natural material, and then take place on growing tracks fed by nutrition-rich water in an optimized climate to meet a plant’s demand optimally and smartly.

It saves thousands of tons of soil that is imported to greenhouses for production of plants in small pots which you throw away later after consuming some handful grams of herbs!

Soil is the combination of minerals and byproducts of living microorganisms which takes hundreds of years for being shaped up. It’s a significant biodiversity component for our planet, let’s not throw it away and waste it that easy!

We give our plants exactly what they need, every day. According to blind tests we performed with consumers, growers and chefs, our greens tastes even more and better.

Today, 80 percent of the earth's arable land is used. At the same time, the population is growing rapidly and by 2050 there will according to UN be up to 10 billion people on the planet, of which 70-75 percent are estimated to live in cities. If we do not develop new cultivation methods and business models, we will in 2050 lack agricultural land corresponding to the area of ​​Brazil! By growing a lot on a small area (vertically), water-efficient and energy-smart in the city, we resolve part of this impending food crisis. We also protect our crops from climate change.

When you grow in your garden, you need 250 liters of water per kilo of vegetables. In a closed system like ours, only 1 liter of water per kilo of vegetables is required.

Yes! We are GMO, pesticide, herbacide and toxic free.

The lamps we use are very efficient, but yes, they consume energy. In order for our service to be economically and environmentally competitive, we therefore recover the surplus energy that we receive in the form of heat inside the farm. In our largest vertical farm in Stockholm, we recycle 700,000 kWh every year by storing the heat in energy storage and using it to heat the office building during the winter. In this way, we also reduce the property's need for district heating.