Swegreen hits ‘Top 10 Agtech solution providers in Europe’ list

Swegreen hits ‘Top 10 Agtech solution providers in Europe’ list

The Enterprise Technology Review magazine publishes its recent AgTech issue and Swegreen is listed on it as one of the top ten agtech solution providers in Europa, amongst some other ambitious innovation companies dedicating to a smarter and more sustainable farming and agriculture sector.

The global issue of a skyrocketing population, negative impacts of climate change and inclining resources needed for feeding the plant such as fresh water, fertile soil, nutrition, arable land, all hand in hand has put our global food security and availability of nutritious, sustainable and affordable food for everyone on a slippery slope.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge AgTech solution providers are entering the domain with advanced offerings. To help the agriculture sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry. Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of the top AgTech solution provider companies, and the list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to smart farming by implementing current trends.

Food security for countries that depend on food import, such as Sweden, is subject to high risks when the global supply chains are affected by negative effects of a crisis like Covid-19 and smart Vertical Farming is an enabler to ensure availability of highly nutritious leafy greens and supply of fresh herbs and vegetables at a hyperlocal level.

The magazine presents Swegreen as an AgTech company and vertical farming innovation venture that is revolutionizing the vertical farming industry by providing a futuristic and smart solution. Swegreen combines modern computer and digital science with cutting-edge agricultural technologies and an innovative disruptive business model in offering smart farming to their clients in a service model and in a totally hassle-fee manner!

Andreas Dahlin, CEO of Swegreen highlights:

– Swegreen has developed a unique smart and fully automated vertical farming solution for growing hyperlocal leafy greens and fresh herbs in closed-environment as close to the end-consumer as possible: inside retail stores, malls or restaurants. Our solution is enabled by an AI-driven farm management and cloud-based monitoring platform, which we offer to our clients to become urban farmers.

– Our InStore growing platform secures hyper-local production of leafy greens and herbs of quality for our customers with maximum taste and minimum resources required. We offer a fully integrated solution in a plug and play format and in a subscription model for growing sustainable food – a planet and prosperity win-win model for our clients and their customers, Andreas Dahlin says.

Read full article about Swegreen in Enterprise Technology Review magazine here: https://agtech-europe.enterprisetechnologyreview.com/vendor/swegreen-365-harvests-in-a-year-in-a-city-now-possible-cid-374-mid-37.html

Here you find a link to Swegreen’s Farming as a Service – Instore Platform: https://vimeo.com/492412110

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