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A globally unique
in-store farming solution

Give your customers access to fresh, daily harvested, hyper-locally grown and top-quality leafy greens and herbs. Let your store take a leap towards a green transition with us. The future of farming is here!

Leafy greens that traveled through continents? Never again! Zero transports

Our crops are grown inside retail stores and require no transportation. We offer a practical solution for the last-mile transportation problem.

Swegreens leafy greens are not sprayed with synthetic chemicals

In a controlled and protected environment, there are no pests or weeds, hence no need for pesticides or herbicides to be applied. A report from the EWG, Environmental Working Group, shows that more than 90% of green leaf samples in retail chains contain pesticide residues and tracks today.

99% less water than traditional agriculture

We recycle all irrigation water and need way less water compared to traditional farming. Specifically, 99% less! When growing a kilo of lettuce outdoors about 250 liters of water is consumed, we have minimized it to just above 1 liter.

Time is tight!
By 2050, the population will be 10 billion.

We intend to feed more mouths with less resources. You and your stores can be involved and make a difference.