The world’s 1st, automated in-store farm

Grow vegetables in your store

The next generation of farming is here!

We are an ESG Tech-company in the Vertical Farming industry, offering a digitally based in-store service for hyper-local production of leafy greens.

Fresh greens all year
Our in-store farming platform gives superior taste and higher nutritious value regardless of seasons.
Highly sustainable production
We re-cycle 99% of irrigation water, and also nutrients and energy. We even re-use CO2 from the stores.
Beyond organic
We use no pesticides or synthtetic chemicals. All transports are eliminated.

Your own farm in a store, green is the new cool!

Imagine being able to grow your greens wherever and whenever you want. We make it possible, and we take care of everything for you!

World class greens grown in your local restaurant and supermarket

Soon enough you can find us in every city, check out our hyperlocal produce and see what its all about. We guarantee you a food experience you will remember!


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Saving the planet

Helping the planet become more sustainable one plant at a time. Innovation at its finest, changing the world for the better.

What we offer

Easy managed - we take care of service
Artificial intelligence algorithms to boost productivity
Good for you, good for your customers, good for the environment
Unique customer experience
Beyond organic
Fresh produce all year round
Amazing taste and maximum
nutrient value

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