Saving the planet is not a choice anymore.

We have to be more sustainable, achieve a healthier lifestyle for our planet and use new technologies to innovate the way we consume.

Poisoned farm lands
Large scale farming contributes to land degradation and losses of biodiversity while using pesticides.
Poisoned fish
Irrigation water leaks out to lakes and water bodies, poisoning fish and living organisms.
Water waste
During conventional farming only about 10% of the irrigation water is taken up by the plants. The rest flows out and leaks into nature.
Climate neutralization
Over 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions are related to the Agriculture industry.

Helping the planet
One step at a time.

So far this is what we have managed to do for the planet, and we are just getting started!

By recycling our water, we use 99% less water than conventional farming. We use zero pesticides. We can build our farms anywhere, in your supermarket, shopping mall or your local restaurant, we eliminate transport.

We are Swegreen, a tech-company in the ever-growing vertical farming industry. That’s how we like to describe ourselves, as growers. In whatever we do, we want to grow, just like our main product.

The journey for us has not been straight, not straight at all. In the beginning we were thinking differently, we delivered vegetables and greens and figured we saved the world. Until we realized we had to something different, all this transport is still not enough, we can do better, we are doing better.

Everyone needs to buy groceries and vegetables every now and then, that’s what keeps us alive and healthy, fit do contribute to our society we live in. But why should our groceries fly? Could we not all just grow our own vegetables? We understand that this is not possible for everyone, so we came up with our solution that helps businesses and consumers to choose a value driven path of buying their vegetables and greens.

Our core values is what helped us come to where we are right now, it’s the same values that our team share. If there is a problem or a disagreement, we go back to the same goals and values and find a solution. We believe that this is the way to help save the planet and change the world of consuming.

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