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Grow where the consumers shop

Swegreen is an agtech company and a vertical farming innovation venture. We offer a digitized and automated growing solution which is integrated into retail stores, restaurants, and shopping malls for hyperlocal production of leafy greens, salads, herbs, and spices.

To be able to effectively offer the market’s best greens we combine advanced digital technology and data analytics with agricultural know-how and world-leading techniques. Greens with the highest nutrition content and maximum taste, have the lowest need for resources and climate footprint possible. We offer a unique subscription-based model called Farming-as-a-Service.

Customers see the vegetables grow behind the glass walls of the greenhouse while shopping, which provides a unique experience, and you and your store are at the forefront of an essential green transition.


Surprisingly, food is one of the last things many people think of when it comes to climate change. In fact, it should be the first. Today, 30% of our global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food and its processes. In Sweden, we import fruits and vegetables worth of 25 billion SEK each year. Imported food accounts for 60% of our climate impact. By 2050, there will be 10 billion people on the face of earth, according to a UN’s forecast. At the same time, the arable land is declining drastically due to global climate change, such as sea level rise and desertification. With our hyper-locally grown greens, we could be a part of the solution.

We break new grounds

Growing in an urban environment with hydroponic cultivation technology without soil is nothing new really. What sets us apart from other actors working with vertical solutions is our innovative setup with world-leading technology that enables us to grow our greens from seeds to fully grown plants in the middle of a grocery store. Customers see the vegetables grow while they shop and are offered the fresh crops on the spot where they have been grown. As local as locally grown can get.

This is how we grow

In our units, we grow without soil and give the plants the exact right amount of nutrients, optimal temperature and humidity, the right amount of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and light. Our sustainable and circular thinking has shaped the entire system, which means that we recycle nutrients, carbon dioxide from the store and the irrigation water that the green needs to grow. That light is pink is because the combination of right spectrums that the plants need for their photosynthesis to grow optimally. In a completely controlled environment, no pesticides and herbicides are needed. In other words, the vegetables are so clean that the customer could eat them directly from the shelf without any need to be washed.

Become a grower with us

Foodtech is the future. With a farming unit in the store, the retailer offers what is in demand extensively today. Nutritious, healthy, and tasty greens produced as climate smart as possible. Our technology makes it possible.

Zero transports

Leafy green from a continent away? Never again. Our crops are grown inside the store and do not need to be transported. We offer a solution to the last mile problem.

Some other advantages

No to genetically modified seeds

We distance ourselves from methods such as the use of GMOs, genetically modified organisms. Our seeds are not manipulated in any laboratory and are completely natural - and of course quality controlled.

Chemical free

In a controlled and protected environment, there are no pests or weeds, hence no need for pesticides or herbicides to be applied. A report from the EWG, Environmental Working Group, shows that more than 90% of green leaf samples contain pesticide residues and tracks.

Nutritious, healthy and tasty

No chemical additives or other harmful substances are used in our units - just completely clean, nutrient-rich and tasty vegetables.


Customers exhale carbon dioxide and we are happy about that. Plants need CO2 to do photosynthesis and give back oxygen. We use the carbon dioxide in the store to give lots of plant power to the crops inside our units. In this way, we also reduce emissions from the store and give back fresh air.


We recycle all irrigation water and need way less water compared to traditional farming. Specifically, 99% less. When growing a kilo of lettuce outdoors about 250 liters of water is consumed, we have minimized it to just above 1 liter.


Forget vegetables that have traveled across half the globe for weeks. The day’s harvest is served here. The customer can buy the greens immediately after it has been harvested in the units.


Our crops are grown in small fiber cubes made of natural stones called rock wool. In this way, we save tons of soil every year that is thrown away after consumption of greens. In addition, we avoid pests, bacteria and other harmful particles found in soil.


We can give each plant variety exactly what it needs during its entire cultivation cycle. Therefore, our crops develop to the maximum nutritional content.


Vegetables that feel good taste better. Optimal growing conditions give our crops both a higher taste and perfect consistency and texture.


We grow regardless of the seasons and weather. The conditions are excellent around the clock, all year round. Our plants rest without being watered for six hour every day, and they are free of any stress.


As we grow indoors, we need to mimic light spectrums needed for plants to grow and we use LEDs. LEDs also generate excess heat, which we harness for heating our units to optimal temperature, and the surplus goes to the stores for heating some parts of them.